Village COffee is a family owned & operated coffee shop in Allen, TX. For us, coffee is about just that…Family. Whether it's sitting around a kitchen table on a Sunday morning, or in the car on the way to summer vacation, we love a good cup of coffee and the conversation that always seems to come with it. Our goal is to share what we love with you.


We're passionate about seeing our community come together and support one another through school fundraisers, community nights and special events. We hope to be the gathering place where people in our "Village" come to get to know each other better.


Whether you're stopping at the drive-thru on the way to work, meeting a friend in the shop to catch up on life, or just out shopping, we want you to feel welcome. 


We want The shop to be a place where you feel relaxed and valued while you enjoy a great cup of coffee. 


             We hope you'll stop by & Join The Village.